As of today, construction on Phase 4 of the Village Redevelopment Project is underway. The major impact is traffic on State Street between 68th Street and 74th Street will be reduced to one lane, WESTBOUND ONLY.

You will be able to access all of your favorite businesses in the heart of the Village as normal. Businesses in

the affected area on State Street will have to be approached from the East, North or South. The official detour is up to Milwaukee Avenue and around. See the detour map for details.


Access to Hart Park Lane, along the softball, tennis and volleyball courts, will be restricted this Summer as it will be closed for construction staging, utility work and repaving. There is still plenty of parking in Hart Park, along with all of the public parking lots throughout the Village. Check out our Village Parking Map for the best spots to park.



During this phase, the closed stretch of State Street will have utility work done, and the road will be fully reconstructed. A wide path will be added to the entire length on the South side of the road between the street and the railroad tracks.  There will be a fence between this path and the railroad tracks. The only pedestrian access points across the railroad tracks will be at 68th Street, 70th Street, 72nd Street and a new Pedestrian Only crossing at 74th Street. This will provide safe pedestrian access from the park to the Village. Another addition will be a traffic signal on State Street at 72nd Street.


In addition to the Phase 4 work this Summer, the Root Common and Pocket Park areas in the Village Center will be completed. The parks are expected to be done near the end of June, so we are already planning some fun events to be held there starting in July. Features of the park areas include a small performance area, kids play area, seating, new trees and plantings, as well as the new location of the Christmas Tree.


It is exciting to see all of the changes coming together here in the Village. We appreciate your patience with the construction, and your willingness to make the extra effort to visit our businesses during the work.

Thank you for shopping locally, and supporting small business. We look forward to continuing to serve you and enjoying all of the new amenities here in the Village with you.