Bridgetowne Gallery & Framing is proud to announce an exhibition of paintings by Milwaukee artist Stacey Williams-Ng for January Gallery Night.

The show will feature large-scale figurative oil paintings that Williams-Ng does as portraits of people, in the personas of classic circus and carnival performers. Says curator Nick Berg, “We are really excited about presenting Stacey’s circus paintings to our gallery visitors. These paintings are really unique, and they capture a slice of Wisconsin history by highlighting our circus heritage in a poignant way.”

Some of the archetypes from the circus and sideshow are provocative to today’s audiences—the fat lady, the ringmaster, the conjoined twins—but take on a softer glow when presented as classical oil paintings. They allow us to gaze at a controversial subject such as the Fat Lady, in order to consider something deeper about the nature of ourselves, and of how we judge one another. Themes of performance, ego, and self-doubt radiate through these painterly and sensitive portraits. Other works include “portraits” of discarded costumes, cast aside and forgotten, like a party long over, or a misspent youth.

The show will be on display through March 2015. (Pictures below)

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To arrange an interview with the artist, or to request images, contact Nick Berg at email, or call (414) 771-6603.